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Are you interested in social justice? Do you (or your school, business, or organization) want to gain a deeper understanding of how race, power, and privilege operate in our society? Do you desire to make spaces more equitable? Are you trying to make sense of what is happening in our world?

Come and learn with Roopa!

About Roopa

Join Roopa Cheema (BFA, BEd, MEd) for a lecture+discussion/question and answer session on race, power, and privilege. Roopa holds a Master of Education in Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto focusing on anti-colonialism and anti-racism. In 2013, Roopa won the William Waters Scholarship in Urban Education which allowed her to pursue the aforementioned Masters degree. She has been offering this lecture in a series of workshops for teacher candidates at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto) since 2013 and is now bringing her knowledge and expertise to the general public. Roopa has been an educator in Toronto since 2007.

Roopa is engaging and passionate about anti-racism.

Lecture Details + Testimonials



This powerful presentation is rooted in scholarship and lived experience, filled with easy-to-understand images and video, peppered with humour, and pedagogically scaffolded to deepen the knowledge and awareness of its participants. This is a great in-depth primer to understanding how white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and anti-Indigeneity operate and function in our society. While the lecture focuses primarily on race, the intersections of other oppressions are addressed.

This presentation is four hours in length, including: approximately 2.5 hours of lecture, two short breaks, and approximately 1 hour for discussion and questions.


“Roopa was an incredibly engaging speaker; she delivered a ton of very useful information in an accessible way. Her use of videos and images and quotations was excellent and worked really well to demonstrate in a practical way the theory/information/ideas she presented. Her humour, passion, and experience came across and were awesome!”

“She used humour to make a really dark topic accessible.”

“Excellent explanations of complex concepts. Excellent presentation skills. Very engaging.”

“Well-spoken, thorough, and built the necessary foundations to delve into more complex concepts over time.”

“Very animated when speaking; helps ease the content and makes everyone feel they are in a safe space. This presentation should be a must for all educators in any capacity – would love to see this as a compulsory course.”

“Great style – including locating herself within the material.”

“Excellent presentation! Well-organized. A tough topic tackled head-on, unapologetic, and educational. Even funny at times! I feel so thankful for the opportunity to attend. Thank you for offering this.”

“Roopa did everything well. I am humbled. Many thanks.”

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Currently, there are no public lectures planned.


Please contact Roopa directly to inquire about bringing her lecture to your school, business, or organization. Roopa works primarily in Toronto but will travel to surrounding cities.


Roopa is available for bookings during evenings, weekends, and school holidays (winter break, March break, summer holidays).


Please contact Roopa directly for pricing details.